About SFCA. The Springbrook Forest Citizens Association formed in 1952 and continues to serve the Springbrook Forest neighborhood located in Silver Spring, MD 20902.


Hello Foresters! Need a plumber recommendation? Want to pay dues with credit card? Like to join our email mailing list?

A compilation of service and technician recommendations from our email list over the years — from window washers to geothermal heating specialists.


Are you current in your SFCA dues? Don't have your checkbook from 1980 handy? Pay your $20 SFCA annual dues securely with a credit card here.

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Community wide emails can help address potential issues for residents. For us the mailing list primarily serves as a social way to share pics, news or reminders about upcoming events.

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When they asked Springbrook Forest children in 2002 what changes they saw coming in The Future — one said "The Forester" newsletter online. Well, here you go kid!

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